[Openstack] MultiDomain Issue in Ocata

Remo Mattei Remo at italy1.com
Thu Mar 30 17:31:28 UTC 2017

Hello all, 
I have a multi domain setup with Mitaka and it’s all good, I have then created a new env with Ocata and have applied several changes to the policy.json in order to match what I have in the Mitaka version. However, when I have a domain admin, he can do all the steps he can in Mitaka but cannot create users for the new subdomain or the domain he is managing. 

here is the code for the policy.json 


http://pastebin.mattei.co/index.php/view/99f23c8f <http://pastebin.mattei.co/index.php/view/99f23c8f>

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