[Openstack] HA router fail-over time

Sterdnot Shaken sterdnotshaken at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 00:10:39 UTC 2017

Openstack version: Mitaka

So we're running VM's on compute nodes and HA routers on network nodes (old
school, I know...)

There's the test setup I'm doing:

Test structure: Openstack VM is assigned to a tenant network that has
public IP and I have SNAT turned off on the Openstac, HA routers.

- From an Openstack VM itself: I ping it's default gateway (the active HA
router on network node)

- From outside our network: I ping the VM's public ip

Both work great.

Then, I reboot the network node that's currently active for the tenant
network subnet.


- VM to Default GW ping: just about 20 seconds of outage
- From outside the network, the outage is approximately 40 seconds

a) how do I make the failover time faster? (VRRP, etc)
b) why are they different times?

Thanks in advance!!

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