[Openstack] nova-network -> neutron migration docs and stories?

Andrew Bogott abogott at wikimedia.org
Fri Mar 17 20:18:28 UTC 2017

     Googling for nova-network migration advice gets me a lot of hits 
but many are fragmentary and/or incomplete[1][2]  I know that lots of 
people have gone through this process, though, and that there are 
probably as many different solutions as there are migration stories.

     So:  If you have done this migration, please send me links! Blog 
posts, docpages that you found useful, whatever you have to offer.  We 
have lots of ideas about how to move forward, but it's always nice to 
not repeat other people's mistakes.  We're running Liberty with flat 
dhcp and floating IPs.



      ' TODO - fill in the migration process script here'

      Slide 4: 'Develop tools to facilitate migration.'  Did they?

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