[Openstack] [OSPROFILER][CEILOMETER] Error while executing OSprofiler commands

Phani Pawan Padmanabharao phani.pawan at huawei.com
Thu Mar 16 10:31:57 UTC 2017


I am using the Packstack-ocata installation. I am trying to see the traces with osprofiler along with Ceilometer.
When I execute the osprofiler commands -
>>openstack --os-profile SECRET_KEY image list
| ID                                                                              | Name | Status |
| 80d11664-1a59-40a8-8fc7-2c894846efb7  | cirros  | active |
Trace ID: eba73292-81de-4e28-92ab-98c68d93980b
Display trace with command:
osprofiler trace show --html eba73292-81de-4e28-92ab-98c68d93980b

>>osprofiler trace show --json eba73292-81de-4e28-92ab-98c68d93980b
Something has gone wrong. See ceilometer logs for more details

But I don't see any error in the Ceilometer logs. I am stuck here. Can anyone help me with this?

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