[Openstack] Seeking OpenStack Days East Sponsorship Funding [3]

Haisam Ido haisam.ido at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 13:58:00 UTC 2017

Dear OpenStack Days East Sponsors and Supporters,

Thank you for considering sponsoring this year’s OpenStack Days East
<http://openstackdayseast.com/> conference which is planned to be in the
city of Washington, DC, in mid to late August. The event will have focus on
the Government sector, as well as containerizations, Kubernetes, DevOps
practices, provisioning, orchestration, and offer OpenStack training.

We are currently favoring the Marriott Marquis
a state of the art hotel, ideally situated in the heart of cosmopolitan
Washington, DC, where museums, the White House, and the US Capitol are only
minutes away.  In order to successfully execute this event, we will need
sponsors to assist financially with securing both the event planner, which
we have selected <http://www.rgievents.com/>, as well as the venue, in
order to successfully execute this event. We will need financial support
from sponsors by March 27th. Unfortunately, if we don’t receive funding by
that date the conference will have to be delayed significantly or cancelled
entirely. The proposed
levels that we developed can be found here <https://goo.gl/Ip5usD>. Also,
the sponsorship agreement can be found here <https://goo.gl/7GNTTQ> for
your review and consideration.

We will follow up with you to discuss how your organization can be part of
this exciting conference, and answer any questions you may have! Ms. Suzie
Grieco <https://www.linkedin.com/in/sg2recruiting> will be contacting you;
however, if you have any questions before that, feel free to contact her at
+1-703-675-6286 <(703)%20675-6286>.

Thank you very much in advance, and we look forward to working with you.

Best Regards,

*OpenStack Days East Planning Committee*

Haisam.Ido at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

Hong.Kim at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

Shilla.Saebi at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

James.Genus at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

Trevor.Lowing at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer

kirk.kalvar at kal.technology, Organizer

Suzie.Grieco at openstackdayseast.com, Organizer
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