[Openstack] Trove is skipped in Newton

Mark Kirkwood mark.kirkwood at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Mar 7 22:35:05 UTC 2017


Looking at the trove bug you filed, I'd be tempted to work with Xenial 
but consider either:

1/ Hacking the guestagent to use /var/lib/mysql or

2/ Removing (or changing) the line in systemd pre start that checks for 

I made a comment in the bug to the effect of 1/ but I'm actually 
thinking that 2/ might be better. After all that check is  testing that 
a 'mysql' database exists...and you know that one does (systemd is just 
expecting it under /var/lib/mysql).



On 07/03/17 20:13, Evgeniy Ivanov wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I found some interesting info about Trove in Newton. I'm able to 
> deploy successfully some trove components (api, conductor and 
> taskmanager) on my test Newton environment. As for the Trove 
> guestagent - I'm totally not able to run it neither on Ubuntu Trusty 
> nor Ubuntu Xenial.
> I found there are no Newton packages for Trusty in The Ubuntu Cloud 
> Archive. The last supported release is Mitaka (I checked the 
> RELEASE_MAP). That looks there is no support for Newton in Trusty, 
> therefore I can not use Trove in Newton.
> As for the Xenial release, here is a bug where Amrith Kumar (CTO 
> Tesora) says there is no support for Newton also - 
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/trove/+bug/1652312 (Should be in Ocata only)
> For me, it looks like Tesora just skipped Newton, did they?
> I'm asking here because there is no way to get any answers from Tesora 
> and Co.
> Thanks for any help!

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