[Openstack] Error in making connection Openstack Python SDK

Amit Kumar ebiibe82 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 11:01:08 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I have deployed Openstack using Openstack-Ansible. I am using Newton
release from tag 14.0.8. My test environment is containing only Compute
Node and Controller Node (Infra Node).
When using Openstack Python SDK, I am getting following error while making
connection to external_vib_lp_address ( binded to port 5000.

*openstack.exceptions.SDKException: Connection failure that may be retried.*

Any clue about this issue? More detailed traces are at:

Python script which I am using for this purpose is attached with this


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from openstack import connection

auth_args = {
    'auth_url': '',
    'project_name': 'admin',
    'username': 'admin',
    'password': '362a7f371d10d4461659e049548',
conn = connection.Connection(**auth_args)

projects = conn.identity.find_project('admin')
print projects

#network = conn.network.find_network("jenkins")
#print network

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