[Openstack] Newton: not able to login via public key

Amit Uniyal auniyal61 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 17:33:37 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I have installed a newton openstack, not able to login into machines via
private keys.

I followed this guide  https://docs.openstack.org/

Configure the metadata agentĀ¶

The metadata agent
configuration information such as credentials to instances.


   Edit the /etc/neutron/metadata_agent.ini file and complete the following

      In the [DEFAULT] section, configure the metadata host and shared

      [DEFAULT]...nova_metadata_ip =
controllermetadata_proxy_shared_secret = METADATA_SECRET

      Replace METADATA_SECRET with a suitable secret for the metadata proxy.

I think region name should also be included here, I tried

RegionName = RegionOne

and then restarted even whole controller node (as it doesn't work by only
restarting neutron meta-agent service)

Another thing is on checking neutron agent-list status, I am not getting
any availiability zone for mata-agent is it fine?

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