[Openstack] single openstack deployment across datacenters

ron ramos nhadie at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 16:38:06 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Would just like to know if this is possible, currently i have 2 openstack
deployment at 2 DCs.
I also have ceph cluster at each DC.

I'm looking at changing this deployment with a single Openstack across DCs,
e.g. i will deploy:
2x controller at DC1
3x controller at DC2
8x compute at DC1
8x compute at DC2

DC1 will have an host aggregate labelled AZ1 with 8 compute
DC2 will have an host aggregate labelled AZ2 with 8 compute

then if possible:
use ceph at DC1 as storage_pool_AZ1
use ceph at DC2 as storage_pool_AZ2

1. Is this setup even possible? :D
2. Is there a way i can force a host aggregate to use specific storage pool?
3. will there an issues on vswitch stretched across DC?

i'm looking at this so i can provide users an option to launch an instance
to a specific AZ and distribute their workload between AZ1 and AZ2 for HA.

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