[Openstack] Issues Understanding Neutron Networking Layout

d.lake at surrey.ac.uk d.lake at surrey.ac.uk
Tue Dec 19 08:31:33 UTC 2017


I'm trying to create a Pike system with Carbon ODL integration using a single Controller node and a single Compute node.

The Controller Node has a single 1GE NIC to the management network.  It will not run any compute or network services.

The Compute Node has a single 1GE NIC to the management network and 4 x 10GE NICS for public network access.  I will be creating 4 VXNets, 4 routers, 4 pools of public floating IP addresses.

I have built the machines using DevStack (configs attached).

It seems that even though the Controller node will have no network/compute functions, I still need to declare the ODL and networking parts in the local.conf on the controller.   But this implies that the Controller also has to have access to the 10GE network which I don't want or need.

I have created 4 OVS bridges on both the Controller and the Compute nodes but the corresponding NICs on the Controller are not connected anywhere.  The bridges are br-physnet1 to br-physnet4 and these link to em1 to em4 respectively.  Only the em1 - em4 on the Compute node are actually active.

I then create the VXLAN, router and DHCP agent.

However, when I try to start an instance on the Compute node post DevStack installation, I hit an issue where the GUI tells me it has been "unable to allocate network."

I see no attempt to create a VXLAN between the Controller and the Compute node.   IPTables is open and a sniff on port 4789 reveals no traffic back and forth (on either side).

Does the Controller need to be physically connected to the same public facing networks as the Compute node?

Alternatively, how can I get all the Networking functions to run in the Compute node so that the Controller is just a controller?


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