[Openstack] [OpenStack][Vitrage] Vitrage Entity Graph supports various actions according to mouse events for entities.

김민욱 delightwook at ssu.ac.kr
Thu Dec 14 07:19:54 UTC 2017



I'm MinWookKim.


I have been discussing my proposal with the Vitrage PTL a while ago,


I want to get feedback from Vitrage contributors.


In conclusion, my suggestion is that when I right-click on the Entity Graph
provided by Vitrage, I want the user to perform various actions through the


These actions include many things, and they do not go through the Vitrage


Ask other projects directly.


This is similar to what appears when you right-click on an icon in Windows.


You can set various parameters for a specific action and pass it directly
to the project.


The actions I thought so far are:

1. Execution of Mistral workflow

2. Performance & Load Test using external project for Entity

3. Set monitorig configure?


# Workflow


Entity click & select action


Vitrage-Dashboard -----> Mistral API -----> Execute Workflow


                               ------> Test Project API ----> Execute Test


I want to check the results of these actions on the UI. 


For example, if the Performance & Load Test action is triggered on an
Entity, the UI will display the following result.


Availability: 99.75%

Elapsed time: 59.66 secs

Data transferred: 10340918 bytes

Response time: 2.36 secs


The focus of this proposal is to provide a click action for the Entity to
provide convenience to the user.


What do you think?


Best Regards,



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