[Openstack] Hello all Magnum project info

Remo Mattei remo at italy1.com
Fri Dec 8 17:15:16 UTC 2017

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone has any updates on the Magnum project. I am
working with a team to have that implemented into the OpenStack Ocata,
maybe Pike, but looks like the version offered is 1.5 where Kube is
already at 1.7 or 1.8. The other issue is the build image which does not
seem to work, we found an older version of the image that works but it's
already old!! What's the best way to build a new one? Also looks like
Magnum did not get tested with SSL, so when I cluster is created, and it
creates the symlink the cert from Horizon does not get into the cluster,
what will be the best way to get that fixed?

Thanks, any suggestions tips are appreciated.


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