[Openstack] Recreate iscsi connections from hypervisor to SAN after network interruption.

Jorge Luiz Correa correajl at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 17:52:41 UTC 2017

Hi! I would some help to restablish iscsi connections from a physical
server to SAN storage (instance volume).

Scenario: I've 5 compute nodes, 1 controller, 1 network node and 1 storge
with iscsi. I had some VMs running on compute node 1. I had a switch
problem so the connection between the physical server (hypervisor) and the
SAN storage was lost (I can see that on logs, multipath tried to change the
path e after that it removed the /dev/mapper/<id>).

After restablish the switch I can't start the VM. What I'm seeing is that
the hypervisor doens't have the device mapper path used in VM description


>From Horizon dashboard I can't detach the volume neither restart the VM. I
can change the volume state from command line, reattach on VM but it
doesn't start. The device can't be found.

So, how can I recreate the iscsi sessions on the physical server? I think
if the device be recreated the VM can be started.

Is there some recomendation on using multipath? Can the multipath be
configured to not remove the all the paths (from /dev) when a flaw occur?

Thank you!

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