[Openstack] [xenserver-ocata] neutron-dhcp/metadata agent on XenServer

Bob Ball bob.ball at citrix.com
Tue Aug 22 14:25:48 UTC 2017

Hi Adhi,

If the Neutron agents would normally run with the nova compute services, then they would need to run in the compute VM when deploying with XenServer, not in domain 0.

I would assume that the DHCP agents should also run in the compute VM.

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Subject: [Openstack] [xenserver-ocata] neutron-dhcp/metadata agent on XenServer

According to this guide:

If I want to add HA on my openstack-xenserver environment , is it possible to include neutron-dhcp/metadata agent on Compute-node ?

or I have to add neutron-dhcp/metadata agent on xenserver dom0 ?
or I have to create more neutron-dhcp/metadata agent on separate node ?


Adhi Priharmanto


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