[Openstack] Help us grow The Women of OpenStack

Amy Marrich amy at demarco.com
Mon Aug 14 17:42:12 UTC 2017

Did you know the Women of OpenStack isn't just for people who identify as
female, but allies as well? Well now you do and we're looking for new

Our mission statement is:

The Women of OpenStack (WOO) strive to increase the diversity of the
OpenStack community by overcoming OpenStack's barrier to entry through
educational sessions, professional networking, mentorship, social
inclusion, and enhanced resource access. WOO recognizes that individuals in
minority groups are more likely to have challenges accessing the resources
it takes to learn and participate in complex technologies, which is why WOO
welcomes all women and their allies who share an interest in OpenStack,
open source, and adjacent technologies. These goals are achieved through
leading and sponsorship of educational sessions and social events that
promote inclusion in the OpenStack Community.

We follow this mission by sponsoring ongoing Mentoring throughout the year
and through the Speed Mentoring and Lunch and Learns which are held during
summit as well as other activities through the year.

Our Wiki page can be found here:

And you can join our mailing list here:

And of course you can join us in Freenode IRC on the #openstack-women

Come sit in on a meeting and check us out! Meetings are held every other
Monday with our next meeting scheduled for 08/21/17. You can join us with
the following information:
2000 UTC, 4 PM EDT, 3 PM CDT, 2 PM MDT, 1 PM PDT
Dial In: 1-203-277-8157 <(203)%20277-8157> or *866-619-0383
<(866)%20619-0383>  Participant: 7217256**#* Leader 4018#
webex - https://verizon2.webex.com/verizon2-en/e.php?MTID=

And if you forget you'll get a reminder on the mailing list before hand!

Hope you join us!

Amy Marrich (spotz)
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