[Openstack] [OpenStack][Trove]Trove taskmanager unauthorized error.

Zhang Fan zh.f at outlook.com
Tue Aug 1 02:21:28 UTC 2017

Hi guys,

I recently met an error when creating a trove instance. Here are log details [1]. I checked trove-taskmanager.conf again and again to make sure the trove_auth_url and many other options were currect. But this error was still raised.  So I went to the codes to confirm that novaclient was ok, added some codes to log variables but found a strange logic--

In function trove.common.remote.nova_client, Line 104, auth_token is assigned with context.auth_token, but context.auth_token is assigned with CONF.nova_proxy_admin_pass in trove.taskmanager.manager.Manager#__init__ , Line 48.  And log infos [2] show that auth_token is my nova_proxy_admin_pass.  I go to the /novaclient/client.py , Line 136 shows that if auth_token has value, then token is assigned with auth_token, but auth_token is actually a admin pass.

That's really weird.

After changing trove.common.remote.nova_client, Line 104, "auth_token = context.auth_token" into "password = context.auth_token", it seems right with auth_token "2017-07-31 18:28:25.818 5504 INFO trove.common.remote [-] ZHF - auth_token-->gAAAAABZfvn8K8E9q5vNkgyvByLmNwytd0MmubrGckaZk6HVnYpgzQzfg_FUjLLpDyR9MF9OPACDuQAPS9vu4VILNBZdXbz3ViTSD2DL6m_4ujWLcwMm6TlrS_1Es1jtKxp4ynuhFx9ENacobj2NdGOHVZGQvXMyXgk0LIOOdoP7vIwOyQGOm0AD3-vGfWTuODiCE6On_bMm".

So I am wondering that would you guys please help me with the unauthorized error and the nova_client weird logic? I am not sure it is an issue, but it seems odd.

Fan Zhang.

[1]. http://paste.ubuntu.com/25210882/
[2]. http://paste.ubuntu.com/25211836/

Best wishes.

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