[Openstack] vxlan issue on compute node

Priyanka ppnaik at cse.iitb.ac.in
Mon Nov 28 07:30:44 UTC 2016


I have an openstack juno setup with 1 controller+neutron node and 3 
compute nodes. My VMs on one compute nodes are not getting IP but the 
VMs on all other compute nodes work fine.

I am using VXLAN tunneling between the nodes. I noticed that the tunnel 
IP of the problematic compute node is cannot be pinged (i.e. Destination 
Unreachable). Also, all my other nodes have OVS version 2.1.3.but my 
problematic compute node has OVS version 2.3.1. The vxlan modules on all 
other nodes is:

|lsmod|  grep vxlan
vxlan37584   1  openvswitch
ip_tunnel23768   1  vxlan|

and on my problem compute node is:

|lsmod|  grep vxlan
vport_vxlan12843   1  
vxlan41228   1  vport_vxlan
ip6_udp_tunnel12755   1  vxlan
udp_tunnel13187   1  vxlan
openvswitch84535   1  vport_vxlan|

Please help me resolve this issue.



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