[Openstack] Multi Node Openstack(Self serviced Network) Labs On vmwre fusion.

Brandon Bruce Brandon.Bruce at rackspace.com
Thu Nov 24 19:01:02 UTC 2016

Hello Ali!

I would recommend looking at DevStack for a way to test out OpenStack.


Also, there are multiple All-In-One (AIO) builds going around that could serve your testing purposes. You could make a slightly beefy cloud server with one of the many hosting providers (Amazon, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, etc...), create an AIO build, test out the environment and then burn it down when you are done.

For $10-25, you could have testing area for a few days. Just some thoughts.

As for VMWare Fusion, I do not have any first-hand experience with it, but I have done a build with Kilo on VirtualBox machines using a single compute and single controller set up, however the limitations I ran into were all related to networking and not being able to create working floating IPs.

Brandon Bruce

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Subject: [Openstack] Multi Node Openstack(Self serviced Network) Labs On vmwre fusion.

Hello Friends,
I wanna To deploy openstack test environment  on my laptop and I am using vmwre fusion.

I wanna to learn , Can I deploy openstack (with 1 controller node  and 2  compute node) on vmwre fusion.
could vxlan be problem on vmware fusion ?



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