[Openstack] VM Migration problem

masoud bozorgi masoud_b at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 18 19:42:00 UTC 2016

Host Machine: macOS Sierra   16GB RAMNodes on VirtualBox:Controlles and Neutron:             4GB RAMCompute1:                                 2GB RAM         3 cirros instancesCompute2:                                 2GB RAM         3 cirros instances
Compute3:                                 2GB RAM         3 cirros instances

Try to migrate one instance from compute 1 to compute 2 or 3.

$ nova live-migration 50bddfcc-64ed-4039-94a8-e899ae73fd8b compute2ERROR (BadRequest): Migration pre-check error: Unable to migrate 50bddfcc-64ed-4039-94a8-e899ae73fd8b to compute2: Lack of memory(host:465 <= instance:512) (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-3a6afd08-8f79-4fdc-9496-bd83aa57a2dc)
Removed one instance from compute 2 and 3 to be sure about quota limitations, but it did not help.


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