[Openstack] Newton, OpenvSwitch with DPDK, it is all or nothing! How to make it more modular?

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 21:18:28 UTC 2016

Hey guys,

 I'm playing with OpenvSwitch with DPDK, in my KVM Ubuntu host, it is

 My KVM guest, have 4 vNIC, it is a L2 Bridge (another DPDK App), the first
two (eth0 and eth1), are regular bridges (Libvirt Linux Bridges (or OVS
regular bridges)), and the latest two (eth2 and eth3), are type=vhostuser
with "/var/run/openvswitch/vhost-user-1" and "/var/run/openvswitch/vhost-

 So, all good! I can ssh into my VM via its eth0 (public), my VM can talk
with other VMs via its eth1 (private), and my virtualized DPDK-App runs
fine on top of two VirtIO vhostuser NIC (eth2 and eth3).

 Now, time to do this via OpenStack! But, it doesn't work like this, let me
try to explain...

 On OpenStack, without OVS+DPDK, my KVM Guest also have 4 vNIC, first two
(eth0 and eth1), are VXLAN networks (using the OpenvSwitch Agent), and the
latest two (eth2 and eth3), are Provider Networks (also using the
OpenvSwitch Agent).

 So, here comes the problem with OVS and DPDK...

 I've configured Neutron OVS Agent like this:

 My intention, is to use the OVS+DPDK _only_ for the Provider Networks,
but, when I started my Instance, all the 4 vNIC are being tied to the
OVS+DPDK bridges, which is clearly, not what I've configured on my Neutron

 So, I'm thinking here, how can I do this?

 Regular "OVS Regular" bridges for VXLAN networks, and "OVS DPDPK" bridges
for Provider Networks?

 OR, how to use OVS+DPDK for VXLAN networks? If this is possible, does it
still supports the ovs-firewall-driver?

 Another workaround, that I'm thinking here, would be to launch 2 OVS
Agents on my Compute Nodes, one for OVS and VXLAN, and another only for
OVS+DPDK... Or, maybe, for VXLAN, I can go back to Linux Bridges...

 I've read that RedHat don't recommend DPDK for VXLAN networks but, I'm
using Newton on Ubuntu, so, things might be different, specially because
Ubuntu have native support for a very recent DPDK version, for free,

 I appreciate any comments!

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