[Openstack] Registration for PyCon Pune 2017 is Open Now!

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We are excited to announce that registration for PyCon Pune 2017 is now
PyCon Pune 2017 [1] is the Python Programming Language community
Conference, happening from Feb 16th to 19th Feb 2017.
It will consist of two days of conference talks (16th and 17th Feb, 17) at
CoEP, Pune and two days of Dev Sprints (where you will contribute to
various upstream projects) (18th and 19th Feb, 17) at Red Hat, Pune.

Why should you attend PyCon Pune 2017?
* If you are a beginner to Python, still learning how to write code in
Python or willing to contribute to Free Software and Open Source Python
   then this is the opportunity for you to go ahead and register yourself
for the talks and Dev Sprints. PyCon is all about interacting with awesome
Python developers, learning and sharing your knowledge.
* In Dev Sprints, you will meet some awesome developers who will mentor you
to contribute to Python Langauge itself, Django and many more projects
around Python.
* If you are a Python Developer, attend PyCon to interact with Pythonistas
from worldwide.

Here is the registration link for PyCon Pune 2017: [1.]

There are three different kinds of tickets:

* Conference Ticket -- This ticket includes two days of the main
conference, 16th and 17th February 2017.
* Conference & Dev Sprints Ticket: This ticket includes two days of the
main conference and two days of Dev Sprint, 16th-19th February 2017.
* Supporter Ticket: Friends of PyCon. You would be supporting the
conference to be affordable for everyone. 16th-19th February 2017.

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and grab your tickets!

Want to showcase your amazing Python skills and experience to the World? Go
ahead and submit a talk for Pycon Pune 2017 here: [2.]

[1.] https://pune.pycon.org/registration/
[2.] https://pune.pycon.org/#cfp


Chandan Kumar
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