[Openstack] [openstack][tempest] No networks found when running tests (nova-network)

Zdenek Pizl zdenek.pizl at gooddata.com
Fri Nov 11 10:04:17 UTC 2016


 despite nova-network is not preferred nowadays there are many
deployments using it. I came into troubles when running Tempest tests
because of Compute reports 'no networks found'.

Deployment description:

* nova-network with network_manager = nova.network.manager.VlanManager
* Tempest 12.2.0 (there is Mitaka running)
* VLAN for Tempest environment 202
* fixed network define d835695e-32dc-4f5b-bef9-7c3f8f6b8758 | tempest

Running full suite reports many issues, most of them caused by something like:

Details: {u'message': u'Build of instance
1f2e33f3-9d47-497c-842a-fc91df83fab6 aborted: Failed to allocate the
network(s) with error No more available networks.

As far as I understand it, there has to be defined a network and it
cannot have project or host assigned. But after first test operating
the network there IS project (a temporary one created at the beginning
by Tempest itself) assigned and therefore that network is not
available for consequent requests from another workers and projects.

What is the correct way how to configure Openstack and Tempest to pass
over? Documentation is very plain about this topic.

Thank you, regards .zp.

Zdeněk Pižl

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