[Openstack] [Swift] Unexplained 404s

Shrinand Javadekar shrinand at maginatics.com
Wed May 25 00:38:55 UTC 2016

Here's my test setup:

- Single node
- Single replica
- 4 disks: /srv/node/r1, r2, r3 and r4.
- Backed by SSDs

Unfortunately, I don't have the logs when the object was first
written. But can definitely say that it returned 201. This is done
using an application (not manually). We also logged that the object
was written successfully.

The failure during reads is here:
http://pastie.org/private/pwasrois7xi18rzywpzaw. Notice that the
requests only go to r4 and r2. And swift-get-nodes suggest that these
are the first two nodes to try.

The actual object in this case was on the second handoff node r1. I
could stat the .data file on r1.

>> No it wouldn't - again it's expected there would be *multiple* replicas - possibly all on handoff nodes.  But even a single copy on a single handoff would be enough to service the request, unless that node was not responding for some other reason (mis-configuration of some kind?)

The configuration is pretty straightforward. The disks are the same
size, weight = 100 for all of them. Single server, so not much to do
while creating the rings.


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