[Openstack] Assigning of specific PCI device to VM (pci passthrough)

Chinmaya Dwibedy ckdwibedy at gmail.com
Thu May 19 13:55:20 UTC 2016


Can we assign two same type PCI pass-through devices (Ethernet cards) to 2
different VM instances separately? Please note that, both the cards have
same vendor_id and product_id.

I configured it in pci_passthrough_whitelist and create two different
pci_alias (Say a1 and a2). Modified the Nova flavor to use a1 by VM1 and
VM2. Followed the procedures mentioned at

With this edited xml files of both the instances (after shutting down).
Added a device entry in the <source> section to assign the PCI device to
the guest virtual machine. and accordingly configured domain, bus, slot and
function. Restarted the VMs using #virsh start command. Made an Query pci
device in nova DB and found that two Ethernet PCI devices have been
assigned to single VM.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


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