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Drakopoulos, Dionisis (Nokia - GR/Athens) dionisis.drakopoulos at nokia.com
Thu May 12 07:40:14 UTC 2016


Good morning from Athens dear Vladimir!

Thank you very much for the reply below.


Since I used MIRANTIS Fuel version, thus wrapper script fuel-createmirror, I noticed that when fuel-mirror is called no log file is used to log output. Is there any kind of logged written to disk by either tools? Shouldn’t there be one?


Furthermore, we noticed several exceptions when fuel-createmirror script was executed (something about URL not reached, thus we assume script was not able to download certain packages) but at the end a successful message appeared. So we are concerned if we deploy a new test IaaS, issue might appear in the future because of missing packages.


Dionisis (Dennis) Drakopoulos
OMP MP SW Engineer/SyVe/Maintenance/SL



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Fuel-mirror uses Packetary to download necessary packages. 

In turn, Packetary gets a list of mandatory packages, parses

their metadata and recursively resolves all their dependencies

and then downloads all necessary packages. So, it is kind of 

self validating. If there were no errors while cloning repos, 

then everything should be ok. 


List of necessary packages is here [1]. This yaml file is

installed into  /usr/share/fuel-mirror/ubuntu.yaml. Of course,

user can run fuel-mirror with custom yaml file (with custom 

list of packages). 



[1] https://github.com/openstack/fuel-mirror/blob/master/contrib/fuel_mirror/data/ubuntu.yaml#L72-L133




Vladimir Kozhukalov


On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 2:37 PM, Drakopoulos, Dionisis (Nokia - GR/Athens) <dionisis.drakopoulos at nokia.com <mailto:dionisis.drakopoulos at nokia.com> > wrote:

Hello world!
Using FUEL release 8 and in specific fuel-mirror to create a local Ubuntu & OpenStack repository.

Is there a feature which can validate that all mandatory packages have been downloaded successfully and that a new IaaS can be commissioned without any issue?

Or any other solution - suggestion which will accomplish the same goal?

Thank you in advance!

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Subject: [Openstack] liberty release architecture understanding

Hi all,

i have a three node architecture setup with ice-house release .It  is having  a separate network node .

In liberty release as per the documentation there is no network node in architecture diagram , instead it is suggesting to install the notwork services on controller node .

1. what is the reason for this architectural change .?

2. can i go with separate Network node in liberty release as well .  what are the advantages and disadvantages .  

Am i missing something ?





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