[Openstack] Error: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available

Tong Li litong01 at us.ibm.com
Wed May 11 13:23:06 UTC 2016

I had similar issues. after a lot of searching, I finally figured that the
compute node uses a location which has very little space left. By default,
the instance_path point to /var/lib/nova/instances, on some of the
machines, you may have very little space there if you use SSD to just to
hold your OS. So I changed compute node configuration /etc/nova/nova.conf
instances_path to point to a location which has plenty of space. Then you
restart your compute node, that solved my problem. Try the same thing and
see if the filters are happy. Also it is entirely possible that your
neutron l2 agent may not work correctly.

good luck.

Tong Li
IBM Open Technology
Building 501/B205
litong01 at us.ibm.com

From:	Irfan Sayed <irfu.sayed at gmail.com>
To:	openstack at lists.openstack.org
Date:	05/11/2016 12:39 AM
Subject:	[Openstack] Error: No valid host was found. There are not
            enough	hosts available

I am trying to integrate the Ironic service with other openstack services.
I am using liberty release of openstack.

installed and configured the Ironic service.
here is the setup:

1: all openstack services are deployed on VM
2: controller is on one VM (along with other services) and compute is on
another VM
3: one bare metal machine / desktop is there which i want to provision
using the ironic service.
4: nova compute service which runs on compute node is serving hypervisor
for VMs and another nova compute service which is running on controller is
acting hypervisor for bare metal node ...
5: so actually i have hybrid model of VMs and physical server for openstack
private cloud.
6: i am using pxe_wol driver to boot the node. using ironic service also i
can boot the node.

so, this is the brief about the environment setup which i have as of
now ...
the issue is , when i am trying to launch the instance from horizon
dashboard .. i am getting above error

in the scheduler log, here is the output.

2016-05-11 09:17:30.529 15559 INFO nova.filters
[req-6c68100d-420f-43ad-878e-7819a43298e6 5c50e3803049470283f7a9d18e871096
28d5644376ba4d3bab3a30e09a0b28d1 - - -] Filter ExactRamFilter returned 0
2016-05-11 09:17:30.530 15559 INFO nova.filters
[req-6c68100d-420f-43ad-878e-7819a43298e6 5c50e3803049470283f7a9d18e871096
28d5644376ba4d3bab3a30e09a0b28d1 - - -] Filtering removed all hosts for the
request with reservation ID 'r-mld1goh8' and instance ID
'98c49d72-9d8e-4377-bbe0-6dbef187e75a'. Filter results: ['RetryFilter:
(start: 3, end: 3)', 'AvailabilityZoneFilter: (start: 3, end: 3)',
'ComputeFilter: (start: 3, end: 3)', 'ComputeCapabilitiesFilter: (start: 3,
end: 3)', 'ImagePropertiesFilter: (start: 3, end: 3)', 'ExactRamFilter:
(start: 3, end: 0)']

now i dont understand what is the meaning of "ExactRamFilter  returned 0

please help


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