[Openstack] Ceilometer - cpu meters not collecting data

Cale Bouscal cale.bouscal at gettyimages.com
Mon May 9 14:53:29 UTC 2016

We're running Mirantis 8 here, in a lab with a single compute node and
3 controllers. The compute node is actually a gateway to a vmware node.
(I did not set this up and may not be describing this accurately).

Problem: We wish to use heat templates to create an auto-scaling group
based on cpu utilization spikes. We've created the templates and tested
them in an RDO setup, with success (that is to say, we're confident
that the templates are set up correctly). However, we're not seeing the
poller pick up the event (the log says "Skip pollster cpu,
no resources found this cycle"). In my functioning RDO setup, I see
this line in the log: "Polling pollster
cpu in the context of cpu_source"

We've been working with our Mirantis support for about a week with
little to show for it. We've checked the timing settings (making sure
the configured time units are >= polling times in the pipeline.yaml).

We're not sure where else to look, and I'm hoping the community can

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