[Openstack] Does OpenStack Horizon support multiple OpenStack Clouds ?

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Fri May 6 11:00:43 UTC 2016


I have mutliple OpenStack clouds running. Let us say two Clouds(or
Keystones as Service Providers) for ease. I configured both Keystones for
Federations. Where both Keystones are configured as Service Providers(SP)
and Shibboleth Identity Provider as IdP.

Now I configured Horizon for Single Sign-On on one OpenStack Cloud.

My requirement is to access another OpenStack Cloud from the same Horizon

I have got following questions. I would highly appreciate if you could
clarify and answer my following questions ?

1. Does Horizon support to access multiple OpenStack Clouds ?
2. If Horizon does not support(I assume), then how is the Single Sign-On
used ? I mean what is the use case of Single Sign-On in terms of OpenStack
3. If Horizon does not support Multiple OpenStack Clouds,  is there a plan
to support it in future ?
4. Is there any other dashboar that supports Multiple Clouds ? I heard
about ManageIQ. Is it right decision to move from Horizon to ManageIQ for
my this requirement ?

I am new to OpenStack community. If any question does not make any sense, I

Thanks and regards,
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