[Openstack] Horizon missing loadbalance UI button

Erdősi Péter fazy at niif.hu
Wed Aug 31 17:03:22 UTC 2016

2016. 08. 31. 16:39 keltezéssel, Turbo Fredriksson írta:
> Technically, that's not Mitaka! That's using Horizon from Newton.
How/where did you get that mate? :)

[xyz(cc1:2)] <~> sudo dpkg --list |grep dashboard
ii  openstack-dashboard 2:9.0.1-0ubuntu2~cloud0               
all          Django web interface for OpenStack

Version 9.0.1 is Mitaka horizon, and we patched the lbaasv2 gui as a 
local module ;)
As my colleague mentioned before, you can find information here: 

Let me quote a sentence from this page: "The Dashboard panels for 
managing LBaaS v2 are available starting with the Mitaka release."

If you open the git repository from the link above, you can see two 
branches (master for newton, and stable/mitaka)

Please take a time to pick up the information, before spread out 
something, which is not real...


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