[Openstack] [Keystone] List projects as domain admin

Сергей Филатов filatecs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 13:25:41 UTC 2016

Hi all,
I’m trying to test keystone v3 functionality in mitaka.

As admin of non-default domain I cannot list domains -> when I’m doing list on projects with —domain <domain> key it fails with cannot find domain.
Am I doing something wrong here?

Steps to reproduce:

openstack --os-domain-id default --os-user-domain-id default --os-identity-api-version 3 domain create test
openstack --os-domain-id default --os-user-domain-id default --os-identity-api-version 3 user create domain_admin --password admin --domain test

openstack --os-domain-id default --os-user-domain-id default --os-identity-api-version 3 role add admin --user domain_admin --domain test
openstack --os-domain-id <test domain id> --os-user-domain-id <test domain id> --os-username domain_admin --os-identity-api-version 3 project list --domain test

> Could not find resource test

..Sergey Filatov

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