[Openstack] Mitaka branch: Do IDv3 domains work for you?

Nick Papadonis npapadonis at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 20:27:05 UTC 2016

Hi Folks,

I've been playing with IDv3 and domains in the Mitaka branch bits.  I'm
able to correctly get the cloud_admin user working in a cloud_admin_domain
with ID updated to policyv3.json, however am running into usability
issues.  They're not working as I'd expect.

For instance, I create a default domain with admin role user.  In the
default domain created a default project with admin user and service
project with admin user.  The cloud_admin user works fine performing with
OSC performing identity operations, however the default domain admin and
sub project admins encounter 'The request you have made requires
authentication.' messages.  Perhaps I'm loading the initial Keystone data
incorrect or perhaps IDv3 domains isn't fully baked in Mitaka.  I noticed a
number of differences between Keystone Mitaka branch and Master regarding
domains.  I'm looking to the community for insight before burning more
cycles on this.

Appreciate any insight you may have regarding your experience.

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