[Openstack] Subnet doesn't getting the prefix delegation from dibbler

Jorge Luiz Correa correajl at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 11:28:08 UTC 2016

I'm trying to establish a classic openvswitch network scenario (
) using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Mitaka). All nodes are configured and works fine
with IPv4 (networks, floating IPs etc).

However, this IPv6 configuration with prefix delegation (
http://docs.openstack.org/mitaka/networking-guide/adv-config-ipv6.html ) is
not working here .

I've already configured dibbler as recommended, on network node.

So, I've created the network and subnet:

neutron net-create ipv6-pd
neutron subnet-create ipv6-pd --name ipv6-pd-1 --ip_version 6
--ipv6_ra_mode slaac --ipv6_address_mode slaac --use_default_subnetpool

At this point the subnet has just the ::/64 indication.

But, when I create the router interface in this subnet, the subnet
definition doesn't change as in the guide, getting the prefix from dibbler.

On the dibbler log I cannot see any request.

So, how can I debug and test that the dibbler driver is working (running
when I create the interface) on neutron? I've looked for all log for some
indication but I never found any registry.


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