[Openstack] [Sahara] Jobs get marked as "failed" immediately on Spark cluster

Jeremy Freudberg jfreud at bu.edu
Mon Aug 8 20:02:02 UTC 2016

Hi all, I am experiencing a strange bug running jobs on Sahara (Red
Hat Liberty).

When submitting a job to a Spark 1.3.1 cluster, I get the following
error immediately:

2016-08-08 15:56:09.546 20949 WARNING sahara.service.edp.job_manager [req-fb5b47
22-861a-4063-bc22-5e96b417376c ] [instance: none, job_execution: ee747ffb-9be5-4
5b0-aa0b-c719668a43aa] Can't run job execution (reason: '__deepcopy__')

However, even though the job is marked as failed in Sahara API and
dashboard, the job still runs and succeeds on the cluster. (i.e. I see
the results in Swift/HDFS).

I only experience this behavior on Spark clusters (no other plugins)
but it does affect all job types. (Even simple ones like Shell).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Jeremy Freudberg

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