[Openstack] [Murano] timeout error for multi-instance deployments

Mark Endrei markendr at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 02:58:57 UTC 2016


I am trying to create a multi-instance Murano environment using the
WordPress sample (which has separate apache and database instances) from

I have tried the liberty/stable version of the package, and most recently
the mitaka/stable version after our operations team upgraded to mitaka.

The individual instances are deploying okay but when the WordPress package
needs to access scripts on the database server (to create the wp database
and user) the deployment process just hangs until a timeout error
eventually appears in the dashboard deployment log:
[murano.common.exceptions.TimeoutException]: The murano-agent did not
respond within 3600 seconds

The murano-agent.log on the instances provides no further clues. Both end
silently with the successful output from locally run scripts.

Any similar experiences with the WordPress sample, or suggestions on how to
debug this problem?

Thanks in advance, Mark
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