[Openstack] metadata in both router and dhcp namespace

Nasir Mahmood nasir.mahmood at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 08:59:49 UTC 2015


Can someone please guide/suggest if we can enable metadata in both Qrouter
and Qdhcp namespaces,

I have some LANs inside the OpenStack, where VMs don't need to access
external network, so I just create a normal LAN without a router attached
in neutron and that's it, now when a VM boots up from a Router-less LAN, it
doesn't get any metadata, because the standard OpenStack installation does
configure metadata inside the Router name-spaces only,

unless I create a LAN with a router, I don't get metadata for VM,

I see that there a provisioning of setting up the metadata in dhcp
namespace as well, but the question is ... can it be configured in parallel
to router's metadata namespace at the same time so that VMs inside a
router-less LAN can get metadata. thanks


Nasir Mahmood
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