[Openstack] Data transmission failure between VM and outsidemachines

Mike Spreitzer mspreitz at us.ibm.com
Sun Sep 27 16:29:43 UTC 2015

> From: "applyhhj" <applyhhj at 163.com>
> To: "openstack" <openstack at lists.openstack.org>
> Date: 09/27/2015 11:16 AM
> Subject: [Openstack] Data transmission failure between VM and outside 
> Hi, I have setup the openstack cloud and launched VMs in the cloud. 
> At first everything went very well. But yesterday evening, due to 
> some reasons our lab lost power and all servers were shutdown. This 
> morning I turned on all nodes and try to connect to the VM by ssh 
> but failed. I used netstat to check the status of port 22. It shows 
> that connection between VM and machine in the external network can 
> be established. However the ssh process just stuck at 
> SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent. Also I setup a rabbitmq server in the VM and 
> the same situation happened. When connecting rabbitmq server through
> web ui, netstat shows that connections have been established however
> the web browser can not get any data from the server, it shows a 
> blank page. Also I tried to ssh from one VM to another VM through 
> internal network, the network, similar things 
> happened. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thank you! By 
> the way the br-ex bridge can only be brought up manually, so after 
> boot the network node I brought up the br-ex bridge and restart all 
> relevant network services in network node. Please help me with this 
> problem. Thank you very much!!

When faced with networking mysteries like that my next step is usually to 
start taking packet traces at various points.


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