[Openstack] setup own rabbitmq server in openstack cloud

applyhhj applyhhj at 163.com
Sat Sep 26 06:24:01 UTC 2015

Well I finally figured out, rules should be defined in demo user's access security options to allow connections from outside come in.



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主题:[Openstack] setup own rabbitmq server in openstack cloud
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Hi, does anyone know how to configure rabbitmq for custom use? My network is configured as the figure below. I installed rabbitmq server in one VM, such as the one in Compute1. I configured a new user for external access. But I cannot access the web ui from machines or VMs with ip addresses like 10.0.0.x, for example the gateway machine or controller. By the way management plugins are enabled. And I can access to the rabbitmq management web ui use the server’s internal ip such as from another VM. All vms can be sshed from other vms or other machines use ips like 10.0.0.x. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you!!


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