[Openstack] KILO -- Max disk size is 20 gb

Mike Smith mismith at overstock.com
Thu Sep 24 18:58:41 UTC 2015

I wonder if your disk image has a partition set to 20GB.  Your instance may get a bigger disk, but the partition is still set to 20G.   Try running an “fdisk -l” or something inside the VM to see if the disk itself is actually bigger than the partition you are seeing

There are cloud init scripts that resize these for you, or Kilo has an provisioning-time option to make the disk automatically resize

Mike Smith
Principal Engineer / Cloud Team Lead

On Sep 24, 2015, at 12:44 PM, Nasir Mahmood <nasir.mahmood at gmail.com<mailto:nasir.mahmood at gmail.com>> wrote:


My openstack KILO version installation is almost production level now,  with 3 compute nodes.

On a recently added compute node with plenty of disk space, I have tried to add a new flavor with 8 cores, 16 gb ram and 500 gb hard disk space. The instance spins up, but with 20 gb of disk space only, as it happens on others Compute nodes.  This new Compute node has a single partition of 3 tb on an  hw raid .

Any idea..

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