[Openstack] Ironic in the same install with virtualization?

Andrew Bogott abogott at wikimedia.org
Thu Sep 24 18:17:29 UTC 2015

On 9/16/15 4:03 PM, Clint Byrum wrote:
> Excerpts from Andrew Bogott's message of 2015-09-16 10:03:48 -0700:
>> My users are mostly happy with VMs, but I get occasional requests for
>> physical hardware in order to host databases, run performance tests,
>> etc.  I'd love to rack a dozen small servers and graft the ironic
>> service onto my existing cloud in order to fulfill these sporadic
>> needs.  I'm given pause, though, by this doc section:
>> http://docs.openstack.org/developer/ironic/deploy/install-guide.html#configure-compute-to-use-the-bare-metal-service
>> For example, this:
>>       compute_driver=nova.virt.ironic.IronicDriver
>> That would have me changing nova settings in such a way that would
>> clearly make nova /only/ support bare-metal, disabling its
>> virtualization facilities.  Does that mean that bare metal is really an
>> either/or proposition, or is there some way to make bare metal and virt
>> services coexist on a single nova installation?  Or is there an
>> in-between option that involves installing a second nova stack on
>> different nodes with a different config?
>> -- Bonus Question --
>> I'm still using nova-network.  Is anyone using ironic without neutron?
>> Or, if not, is that at least theoretically possible?
> Yes, you need to use host aggregates. You would put the ironic compute
> hosts into an aggregate, and all of the other compute hosts into another,
> and then have the extra_specs in the flavor set to whichever aggregate
> you want the instance to go to.
<long pause>

OK -- If I understand what you're saying,  I would have a separate node 
running nova-compute that uses the ironic driver, and use host 
aggregates to direct bare-metal allocations to that node.  Is that 
correct?  That would have me running most of my compute services 
(scheduler, conductor, api, compute) with my existing, kvm-oriented 
config, and then having one single outlier compute service running with 
a different ironic-oriented config.  That seems to directly contradict 
this line right up top in the docs:

" /This configuration file must be modified on the Compute service’s 
controller nodes and compute nodes."[1]

/Is that sentence simply mistaken?  Or am I misunderstanding what you 
mean about host aggregates?

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