[Openstack] VFSLocalFS and password injection

J-P Methot jpmethot at gtcomm.net
Fri Sep 18 14:10:22 UTC 2015


I have a question regarding the VFSLocalFS mechanism for password
injection. Basically, because of our infrastructure, we can't use
libguestfs for password injection and we do not want to inject password
through metadata. This leads us to use the openstack VFSLocalFS
mechanism for password injection.

Now, the issue I got is that, on some images, password injection with
VFSLocalFS will work, while on others, it won't. This is not even OS
related, as on one image of debian 8 that I made myself it won't work,
but on the official image it will work.

What is the requirement for VFSLocalFS to work? The compute logs do not
show any error, so I'm thinking it can only be because of something
inside the images I'm using.

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