[Openstack] Kilo release: 'compute_nodes' table under 'nova' database is empty

Mahendra Ladhe lml108 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 16 10:00:40 UTC 2015

Hi,   I've installed Kilo release manually on a cluster with 3 nodes and followed the instructions in the installation guide correctly.But I see that in MySQL database, under 'nova' database, the 'compute_nodes' table is empty.Due to this I'm not able to launch any instance.
Here are relevant logs from controller node.
Filter RetryFilter returned 0 hosts

NoValidHost: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available.

This one is from compute node.
WARNING nova.compute.resource_tracker [-] No service record for host compute1

I've spent one week to debug this and have been googling a lot, but to no avail.
Does some one have any idea why the 'compute_nodes' table is empty at the end of installation ?All the installation steps completed successfully as described in the guide.

Thank youMahendra
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