[Openstack] Fwd: [OpenStack-docs] Devstack-Docker test, a deprecated command option

Tony Su tonysu at su-networking.com
Mon Nov 30 17:37:48 UTC 2015


Am working my way through the above Guide.

Under the Section "Testing Nova-Docker"

The following command is to be executed
docker save cirros |
    glance image-create --name ${IMAGE} --is-public true
--container-format docker --disk-format raw

1. The command errors out "--public true" is not a recognized command
2. Unable to set "container_format' to 'docker'. Reason: u'docker' is
not one of (and then follows a list of supported formats)

Am running
Docker version 1.9.0
Glance  version 1.2.0

Glance was installed using .stack.sh as described on the same page
which was cloned from the git repo 2 days ago.

stack.sh completed without errors shortly before following the
instructions in this section which test whether the install is working
(obviously not).

Any ideas?

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