[Openstack] Modify instance by use of libvirt XML

Drakopoulos, Dionisis (Nokia - GR/Athens) dionisis.drakopoulos at nokia.com
Mon Nov 30 13:04:37 UTC 2015

Good afternoon to all!
As I have read, NOVA interacts with QEMU/KVM through libvirt virtualization API. Virtual Machine instances are defined in libvirt by the use of an XML file which lives in /etc/libvirt/qemu/ path of each compute node.

Based on the following Launchpad bug (link below), starting from OpenStack Nova 2013.1 release, let me quote: " There's no reason to ever use the the XML files stored in the instances directory; it is there for operational purposes only." and "This will undo any one-off/by-hand changes in favor of absolute consistency with the database, which is preferred.".


So, the question is simple. What operation to follow in order to permanently change instance metadata by editing this XML file? Or else, edit Nova database records?

Thank you in advance!

Dionisis (Dennis) Drakopoulos
OMP MP SW Engineer/SyVe/Maintenance/SL

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