[Openstack] how to allow vlan tagged traffic to be sent from SR-IOV based VM?

Moshe Levi moshele at mellanox.com
Wed Nov 18 06:42:01 UTC 2015

Hi Shaham,

Can you elaborate what is your setup?
Is it multi host or all in one installation?
And what are you trying to ping to ? is it another SR-IOV VM (direct port)  or Paravirt VM (Normal port)?

According to your configuration I see you are using intel NIC  (which I am not that familiar with I use Mellanox NIC), but I will try to help
                Moshe Levi.

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Hey all,

I currently have liberty OpenStack setup (installed using RDO).

I configured SR-IOV on this setup (see configuration files attached), and started a VM.

When I pass vlan-tagged traffic I see that although it sent via VF it is not passing the PF (tcpdump shows nothing). I checked dmesg and saw no spoofed packets. Also, when using non vlan-tagged traffic I do see packets arrive at the PF.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

Thanks in advance,
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