[Openstack] [Fuel] network-template to create multiple external networks

Michaël Van de Borne michael.van.de.borne at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 15:17:16 UTC 2015


The Fuel WebUI does not allow to create several external networks. But I 
learnt a new feature from Fuel 7, called netwok-template, can help 
design network topology more complex and flexible that the Fuel UI can 

I'd like to create 2 external networks and I'm wondering which extra 
bridges I should create, how to patch them, ...

for instance, let's take the 'default' network template as an example:

how should I adapt it for Fuel to generate neutron config to handle a 
second ext net, attached on vlan 215 from eth1 (eth1.215)?

Thank you for your help.


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