[Openstack] Host aggregates and availability zones.

Balaji Narayanan (பாலாஜி நாராயணன்) lists at balajin.net
Fri Nov 6 07:49:12 UTC 2015

I had this question a couple of days back and searching around found
this nice explanation:


So yes, if you create a new host aggregate, and pass an AZ name to it,
users can use that to boot VMs with the --availability-zoe option.

By default, default_schedule_zone points to nova in
/etc/nova/nova.conf. So when no AZ is explicitly called out, the VM
will boot in one of the default_schedule_zone.


On 5 November 2015 at 10:51, Ken D'Ambrosio <ken at jots.org> wrote:
> Trying to get a good idea of how they work.  As I get it, host aggregates
> are collections of (not necessarily mutually exclusive) hosts that share a
> metadata value.  And they can be part of availability zones which can be
> (say) specific to networking hardware, or CPU, or something.  What I'm
> trying to accomplish is something where generic VMs being fired use the
> default zone, "nova", but *only* ones where I specify a different zone --
> say, superfastcpu -- will make use of that zone.  Do I have it right?  Or
> will VMs that I fire up where I don't specify a zone eventually make use of
> the superfastcpu zone?
> Thanks!
> -Ken
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