[Openstack] [Swift] block I/O all disks

Heiko Krämer hkraemer at anynines.com
Wed Nov 4 09:41:17 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

we notice on our Swift storage nodes some problems with our disks.
After some time they blocks all I/O requests to the disks. Therefore the
server isn't working suddenly and needs a reboot.

* Kernel 3.19.x
* Ubuntu 14.04
* Swift (Kilo)
* 12 x 2TB SATA (JBOD)
* 2 x 480GB SSD (Raid1)
* 32GB RAM
* 8 Cores CPU

The first try was an upgrade of the raid controller firmware and
drivers. The second one some tests of writes and reads to each disk.
I can't reproduce this issue but i heard on the last summit, Swift can
be the problem by this issue.

Do anyone solve this problem ?

- Heiko


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