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Pospisil, Radek radek.pospisil at hp.com
Wed Feb 18 17:26:10 UTC 2015


I would like to announce integration of Murano<https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Murano> Application catalog and Congress<https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Congress> policy service. We call it Policy guided fulfillment.

The idea (which is currently implemented) is to use Congress as authority controlling deployment of Murano applications. Openstack administrator defines policy rules detecting validation of his business policies. When end user is about to deploy Murano environment with applications, the Congress decides whether the environment is ok (i.e., Murano deploys the environment) or not (i.e., Murano cancels the deployment).
In future Congress policies will be used to react to various events generated by an application, Openstack, ... e.g., scaling, remediation, ... .

You can find an example and developer documentation as part of Murano documentation  http://murano.readthedocs.org/en/latest/articles/policy_enf_index.html .

You can also vote for our call for speaker summit presentations if you are interested :)

*         https://www.openstack.org/vote-vancouver/Presentation/introducing-policy-guided-fulfillment-to-openstack-allowing-your-organization-to-set-business-policies-to-affect-application-deployment

*         https://www.openstack.org/vote-vancouver/Presentation/governing-murano-application-deployment-with-congress-policy


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