[Openstack] [Neutron] How to consume my own OpenDayLight NB API from Neutron ML2 Mechanisam Driver

Wed Feb 18 03:09:32 UTC 2015

Dear All,

I have some NB APIs from the OpenDayLight Controller, which I want to consume from my ML2 plug-in mechanism driver. But the OpenStack has only standard CRUD NB API NETWORK/SUBNET/PORTS.  Since my ODL API needs different input parameters than, that the standard OpenStack NB APIs. So, I can't use them directly.

Can you please let me know, Do I need to add a new NB API for the OpenStack to consume my ODL APIs?  Or, is there any way we can use the standard APIs to consume my ODL APIs?

FYI: My ODL NB API is used to create some L2 service on HW Switch with parameters like (in-port, out-port, service name, vlanId)

Please guide me with this.

Thanks & Regards,
Abdul Rasheed.

L&T Technology Services Ltd


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