[Openstack] KVM root password injection trouble

Adnan Smajlovic a.smajlovic at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 18:12:54 UTC 2015

> Hi all,
> I'm having some trouble getting root password injection to work in my
> icehouse cloud.  The setup:
> Hypervisor:  kvm on Ubuntu 14.04 (icehouse)
> Guest OS:  debian (custom image)
> I've added the following to /etc/nova/nova.conf on the compute node (based
> on instructions from various sources):
> [libvirt]
> virt_type = kvm
> inject_password=True
> inject_key=True
> inject_partition=-1
> enable_instance_password=True

Minor point but I'm fairly certain that
'enable_instance_password=True' only applies to the [DEFAULT] section
in nova.conf.  The rest looks alright.

> I've made sure that the cloud-init config on the VM isn't locking the root
> password and that the root account is enabled.  When I boot the image, I use
> config-drive=true and pass a cloud-init config which works as expected.  My
> ssh key is also installed on the VM as expected.  The only problem I see is
> that the root password isn't changed from the default root password I set
> when building the image.

What is likely to be happening here is that cloud-init is taking care
of the SSH key injection and is therefore not directly related to the
expected password injection/update.

> Are there any logs I can look through to see where the disconnect might be?

You can (read 'probably should if you have not done so already') bump
up the log level to 'debug' on the relevant compute nodes(s) to
attempt to determine what is happening during instance boot.

Some additional information around the process (potentially overkill
but included here, if only for posterity):

 - VM manipulation, including password injection, on KVM hosts (by
default at least) is handled by libguestfs - http://libguestfs.org/
 - In other words, libguestfs-tools needs to be installed on your
compute node(s)
 - A Havana example around file permission issues has been discussed
here - https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1350799
 - OpenStack docs also reference the manipulation process in the image
guide - http://docs.openstack.org/image-guide/content/ch_modifying_images.html

Hopefully that is enough to help you to move forward with the troubleshooting.



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